Youth Friendly Health Services

These services offer a wide range of sexual and reproductive health services relevant to adolescents’ needs, while ensuring confidentiality, respecting young people’s evolving capacity, and celebrating diversity.

Women Empowerment

With focus on young girls and underage marriages, Rutgers WPF, Pakistan through life skills education aims to empower women to make or influence key decisions in their life.

Responsible Fatherhood

‘Green Ribbon Campaign’ an initiative taken by Rutgers WPF, Pakistan to highlight and honor the role of fathers through media awareness campaigns and community interventions.

Life Skills Based Education

Rutgers WPF, Pakistan provide young people with necessary knowledge and life skills, for preventing social and health problems. Life Skills Based Education also empowers them to achieving and safeguarding their Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights.

HIV & AIDS Reduction Project

The HIV & AIDS project is implemented for HIV Prevention and Harm Reduction services to Injecting Drug Users (IDUs) and their spouses and sexual partners in selected districts of Punjab and Sindh.

Safe Motherhood

By promoting safe and healthy pregnancies, Rutgers WPF, Pakistan aims to reduce maternal mortality and morbidity rates.

Sexual – Gender Based Violence

Violence against women by an intimate partner has its serious implications on women’s physical, mental and social wellbeing. Rutgers WPF, Pakistan aims to reduce this by community interventions and policy advocacy.


  • February 2014 | Rutgers WPF Pakistan launched Awareness to Action a project aims to raise awareness, develop leadership qualities and empower women on SRHR by innovation interventions. These interventions will lead women to complete schooling, halt child marriages and subsequently teenage pregnancies.  
  • February 2014 | Rutgers WPF Pakistan held the award ceremony for “Media Competitive Awards” under the project “Adolescent Girl Empowerment.” 91 articles were submitted in print, electronic and web categories by journalist from all over Sindh. Minister Women Development Department, Ms. Rubina Qaimkhani distributed awards among 10 journalists for their efforts on eradication of child marriages. These journalists included Akthar Shaheen Rind, Shabir Arman, Sehar Hassan, Fazal Rahim Awan, Abdul Qadir Abro, Sajid Sindhi, M. Ibrahim Rind, Sarwar Baloch, Nadia Naqi and Samreen Ghauri.  
  • February 2014 | A compilation on life case studies of victims of child marriages was also launched by Rutgers WPF, Pakistan under the Adolescent Girls Empowerment project. The compilation is an analysis of the prevalent social, culture and power structures by reflecting on actual case studies of child marriages.


  • March, 2014 - onwards| The NPSC meeting will be held in Lahore with focus on the achievements of 2013 and formulate plans of 2014. The agenda for the meeting is to create geographical synergies, review of ASK baseline, advocacy strategy and drafting of ASK key messages. The meeting will be attended by ASK partners.  
  • March, 2014 - onwards | Grappetite, one of the technical partners of ASK will conduct a one day workshop for community editors. The workshop will focus on generating content for ASK portal ( Nominated individuals from ASK partners will attend the workshop in Lahore.  
  • March, 2014 - onwards | ambassadors4life will meet up in March to plan an engagement strategy for ambassadors for an effect role in in schools4life activities. Furthermore, the meeting will help create a better understanding of the project and how each ambassador can contribute with respect to their talents and availability.