Youth Friendly Health Services

These services offer a wide range of sexual and reproductive health services relevant to adolescents’ needs, while ensuring confidentiality, respecting young people’s evolving capacity, and celebrating diversity.

Women Empowerment

With focus on young girls and underage marriages, Rutgers WPF, Pakistan through life skills education aims to empower women to make or influence key decisions in their life.

Responsible Fatherhood

‘Green Ribbon Campaign’ an initiative taken by Rutgers WPF, Pakistan to highlight and honor the role of fathers through media awareness campaigns and community interventions.

Life Skills Based Education

Rutgers WPF, Pakistan provide young people with necessary knowledge and life skills, for preventing social and health problems. Life Skills Based Education also empowers them to achieving and safeguarding their Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights.

HIV & AIDS Reduction Project

The HIV & AIDS project is implemented for HIV Prevention and Harm Reduction services to Injecting Drug Users (IDUs) and their spouses and sexual partners in selected districts of Punjab and Sindh.

Safe Motherhood

By promoting safe and healthy pregnancies, Rutgers WPF, Pakistan aims to reduce maternal mortality and morbidity rates.

Sexual – Gender Based Violence

Violence against women by an intimate partner has its serious implications on women’s physical, mental and social wellbeing. Rutgers WPF, Pakistan aims to reduce this by community interventions and policy advocacy.


  • July 2014 | Rutgers WPF in Collaboration with SAFWCO and HANDS under Awareness to Action held a two days training workshop for ‘Kirans.’Organized in Karachi and Sanghar with LSBE graduate girls who now have taken the responsibility of raising awareness among their peers, community and different stakeholders against child marriages, teenage pregnancies and the importance of education for a girl.  
  • July, 2014 | Rutgers WPF, Pakistan organized inception meetings under dance4life and ASK programmes established District Youth Council (DYC) in Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Multan and Quetta. Comprising of 12 members in each District, the DYC members will be engaged in planning, developing, implementing and monitoring of the dance4life and ASK programmes.  
  • August 9-10, 2014 | The two day Youth ASK Leadership Conclave was held in Islamabad. The conclave compromised of young participants from 20 cities across Pakistan. Various sessions were held with an aim to build leadership qualities among the young people to undertake SRHR initiatives in Pakistan.


  • August 2014 | National Dissemination seminar of “Maternal Health and Domestic Violence: Impact of Personal and Social Factors” a research study conducted by Rutgers WPF, will be held in Islamabad. The seminar is being organized in collaboration with SDPI.
  • August 2014 - onwards | Awareness to Action will conduct its final trainings of Kirans in Karachi and Sanghar. The training workshop intends to capacitate LSBE graduate girls for taking up the role of “Kirans” in Karachi and Sanghar. The purpose of the training is to further build their capacity and to strengthen their role in the process of community mobilization, and awareness raising among their peers and stakeholders.  
  • August 23 - 25, 2014 | Annual three day retreat for LSBE Master Trainers will be held under Parwan in Karachi. Six Master Trainers, each from Quetta and Multan will also be part to foster and strengthen a network of Master Trainers. The retreat will also give them a chance to share their experiences, knowledge and resources and will be imparted with advancement made in the LSBE curriculum and training methodologies.  
  • August 25 - 29, 2014 | Under ASK programme Rutgers WPF, Pakistan will hold a 4 day training of helpline staff on Youth Sexual and Reproductive Health Issues. The trainings will enhance the helpline staff’s capacity to deal with youth sexual and reproductive health issues in a non-judgmental and unbiased approach and be able to communicate in a youth-friendly language.