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Green Ribbon Campaign: “Greening Pakistan-Promoting Responsible Fatherhood”

Rutgers WPF, Pakistan has launched a “Green Ribbon Campaign” to engage men as fathers for promoting responsive and care giving attitude of fathers to create an enabling environment at home and family where women and children can access their basic human rights. The campaign was successfully instigated on the Father’s Day at June 16, 2013 through print, electronic and social media with the help of local implementing partners. In this regard, five radio talk shows were aired at Karachi, Islamabad, Quetta and Haripur on different radio channels including FM 100, FM 105 and FM Dil, Pakistan. There was considerable print media coverage in leading national newspapers including Express Tribune, Daily Times, The Nation, Pakistan Observer, and other online networks.

Different strategies including media campaigns, sensitization of local partners and communities, picking role models (responsible fathers) from communities and engaging corporate and development sector has been adopted in order to achieve campaigns’ goals and objectives in an effective manner.


Concluding “Hamara Kal” Project

Completing more than 4 years of successful implementation, European Union supported project ‘Rights Driven Institutionalization of Sexual and Reproductive Health in Pakistan’ also known as “Hamara Kal” concluded its exciting journey of success as well as challenges on April 30th, 2013. During four year, “Hamara Kal” provided SRHR information and skills to 139,250 students through Life Skills Based Education (LSBE) curriculum. In addition, around 48,283, parents, teachers, government officials, Health Care Providers (HCPs), religious teachers and media representatives were also sensitized on the issue.

The project concluded with the “Learning and Dissemination Forum” graced by the EU Ambassador and the Head of Delegation, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to share project achievements with the key stakeholders including members of civil society, implementing partners and donors during in Islamabad. Mr. Shadab Fariduddin, a leading development consultant from Four Corners Group, carried out an independent End-Evaluation of Hamara Kal, which clearly demonstrated that the project was well received and appreciated by both direct and indirect beneficiaries. An end line research has also been conducted to ascertain the comparative analysis of the situation of rights realization before and after the project. The research indicates the urgency to adopt a strategy whereby civil society organizations through their interventions ought to actively target communities to ensure that they are sensitized and committed to the SRHR needs of the young people in Pakistan. The findings also stress the need for civil society as well as government to build strategies and interventions in education and health sectors to make them more SRHR and youth friendly.


Outcome Measurement Workshop under Parwan Project

A three days workshop was held from 17-19th June 2013 at PC, Karachi, to review progress towards the intended results of Parwan project. The workshop was facilitated by Ms. Teun Visser (International Consultant at Rutgers WPF), and Ms. Ruth van Zorge (M&E Officer at Rutgers WPF) and was attended by Parwan project teams from Quetta, Multan and Rutgers WPF, Pakistan. Mr. Qadeer Baig and PME department from Rutgers WPF, Pakistan also participated in the meeting. The workshop was intended to revise the tools to be used for mid- term evaluation along with methodology and sample size. This practice contributed to identify the processes that are leading towards the results, and into the programmatic strengths and/or constraints.


Muslim Countries Initiative on ICPD Processes

Rutgers WPF Pakistan organized the Muslim Countries Initiative on ICPD Processes in three Islamic countries: in Egypt on March 25 - 26, 2013, in Cairo; in Lebanon on March 28, 2013, in Beirut; and in Iran on April 15 - 16, 2013, in Tehran. The purpose of the Consultation was to build the capacity of participants on CPD and ICPD beyond 2014 processes; to understand the situation regarding sexual and reproductive health and rights in the respective country; and to identify strategies to advocate for promotion of the ICPD agenda with the Government and civil society in each country.

Rutgers WPF, Pakistan had previously held the Muslim Countries Consultation on United Nations Commission on Population and Development (CPD) in 2012 in Karachi. Civil society representatives from eight Muslim countries, namely Egypt, Lebanon, Iran, Turkey, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Pakistan participated in the meeting. With the successful conclusion of this one off advocacy effort, it was realized that the efforts to engage Muslim countries to work for ICPD must be continued in order for the governments of Muslim countries to take up their responsibility to implement the ICPD Program of Action and in turn improving the sexual and reproductive health and rights status in these countries. Therefore this pilot initiative in three countries was devised.

The initiative was well received in the respective countries with participants acknowledging that civil society in Muslim countries should work together to promote ICPD and work towards the realization of SRH rights in Muslim countries. In each country, working groups were formed to take the initiative forward at the national level.


Strategic & Operational Planning Workshop 2013

Rutgers WPF, Pakistan conducted its Strategic and Operational Planning workshop on 11th July 2013 at Pearl Continental Hotel, Bhurban. Main objective was to review Annual Operational Plan (AOP) for 2013 and to draft an outline for AOP 2020 along with a detailed Quarterly Operational Plan (QOP). The workshop spanned one day and was designed to be participatory and group work oriented. Mr. Qadeer Baig, Mr. Irshad Rana, Syeda Ayesha Ali, Ms. Nattasha Sajjad, Ms. Ayesha Imtiaz and Ms. Robina Nawab facilitated different sessions of the workshop.

On 10th July, Bi-Annual Review & Planning meeting was also organized at the same location to analyze progress of different projects/programs and to discuss strategies for more effective results.


Talk Shows at Vibe TV Channel

Three live TV talk shows were organized on different social issue at Vibe channel, Karachi. Mr. Qadeer Baig (Country Representative for Rutgers WPF, Pakistan) and Ms. Hira Qadeer (Design Architect at Agha Khan University) participated in the show organized in reference of Father’s Day on June 15th. Discussion was focused on the positive impact of responsible and caring attitude of fathers in the overall development of any society.

Program on domestic violence was organized on July 1st, to unveil different forms of domestic violence prevalent in the country. Ms. Kanwal Qayyum (Program Manager-SGBV at Rutgers WPF), Mr. Laldin (Project Coordinator at HANDS) and Mr. Salman Khan (Master Trainer-LSBE) were the guest speakers. Another program was held on June 18th to highlight the increasing trend of child marriages especially of females in Pakistan and its consequences on children. Guest speakers for the show were Dr. Tabinda Sarosh (Senior Manager at Shirkat Gah), Mr. Abdul Rahim Moosvi (Project Manager of AGE Project at HANDS) and Ms. Nazra Jehan (Provincial Manager Violence against Children at SPARC).


Technical Assistance Visits from Rutgers WPF, Netherlands

In the last quarter, focal persons of different departments from Rutgers WPF headquarter including Ms. Ruth van Zorge (M&E Officer-International Research), Ms. Hilde Kroes (Advocacy Officer), Mr. Henk Rolink (Manager-International Programs), Ms. Teun Visser (International Consultant-International Programs and Mr. Erik van Weert (Fundraiser-Fundraising and Communication), visited Pakistan and extended their technical support to relevant program/project.


HR News

We would like to welcome our new staff Dr. Munazza Haris, Emaad Hassan and Mehtab uddin to the Rutgers WPF Pakistan Team.


Extension in Deadline: Media Competitive Awards under AGE project

Deadline for Media Competitive Awards announced for all media professionals under Adolescent Girls Empowerment (AGE) project has been extended to September 5th, 2013. This initiative has been taken to achieve the project objective of involving media to create awareness amongst communities and to advocate/influence key policy makers for increasing the legal age of marriage for girls from 16 to 18 years in Sindh.

Detailed guidelines are available at: www.rutgerswpfpak.org/media-awards.html.


World Population Day 2013 Focuses on Adolescent Pregnancy

(UNFPA News Coverage, July 2013)

There are over 600 million girls in the world today, more than 500 million of them in developing countries. They are shaping humanity’s present and future. The opportunities and choices girls have during adolescence will enable them to begin adulthood as empowered, active citizens.

With the right skills and opportunities, they can invest in themselves, in their families and their communities. However, pregnancy jeopardizes the rights, health, education and potential of far too many adolescent girls, robbing them of a better future.

Full story available at:


Celebrating Father’s Day: Honoring Pakistan’s courageous fathers

(News Coverage, June 2013)

Despite living in a patriarchal society, there are many fathers in Pakistan who struggle to improve their children’s livelihoods. They take stands against taboos and face stiff resistance from within and outside family circles but their hardships almost always go unnoticed.

Every year on June 16, Father’s Day is observed to honor these men and pay tribute to their courage in addition to promoting responsible fatherhood.

Full story available at: http://tribune.com.pk/story/563764/celebrating-fathers-day-honouring-pakistans-courageous-fathers/


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